Kose Rose was born 15 years ago, one of the first Italian Concept Store, in a small corner of Forte Dei Marmi.It was born for fun, almost by chance, from an idea of Stefania and Michela, with the aim to offer their demanding clientele, unique clothes and garments, impossible to be found anywhere else

The original idea came form their inborn passion for all that is fashion, from a mix of objects to furnish summer houses and exclusive accessories.

And the shop gets trendy, since its very beginning,and imposes its style on Forte Dei Marmi, in an area where worldwide famous brands, fashion brands and luxury stores where the main attraction.. until Kose Rose came with its audacious style, enchanting its clients with its clever, provocative and brave style and so creating a new, unique, clearly recognazible style all over the country : The KOSE ROSE style

Since then, every year, thank to Stefania and Michela ‘s creative talent, Kose Rose states itself as a brand, reinventing itself year after year.

An entire collection of Kose Rose items is born, hand made in Italy, by expert hands that transform Stefania and Michela’s ideas into clothes.

Kose Rose Woman has a style made of details : fromt he most unique Bijoux, seen as off-products of a continuous research,to the trendiest Clutches, from the most unique Caftanos made in precious laces, cloths, silks, to glittering sandals and the most fashion hats

Alternative fashion. Cut to size fashion. Your fashion, it is here that you find it and every single fashion victim is happy to be trapped.. so to speak.. by Kose Rose glittering net.